Don't loose humanity in pursuing morality.

Many times we have forgotten our humanity in pursuing our morality. Morality serves to protect us, but basically everyone has his own idea of ​​it, so often people fight whose mindsets are better.

Morality is designed to protect us so that we can remain convinced on our path and achieve the best results (to be unique). Sometimes, when we feel depressed, we fall into the moral trap and begin to forget humanity in trying to look better for others. We pretend, hoping that in this way we will be loved, but in reality this is basically the path to cruelty. When we pretend, emotions disappear, and there is less room for gentleness and kindness. We cannot see either ourselves, or people, or this world when we are enveloped in survival. What to say about higher beings or, finally, about the Supreme Creator, who is understood on the platform of absolute attentiveness?

But do not panic if you are in this position. Yogis say one wonderful thing: “Only by seeing and observing all this previously described phenomenon inside of us through“ honest meditation ”, and seeing ourselves witnessing such changes (covering humanity), we will automatically remain neutral and able to move on and continue to be kind and gentle. People around will notice this kindness. The world itself will notice. The Supreme Creator will notice it, too. Our area for development will expand and we will be stronger for one more experience!

We wish you all good balancing and creating a good atmosphere around you!

With love, Ojasvi Kirtan ©

Om Tat Sat

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