Every day is full of details.

In our thoughts, in each action and emotion small usual details are hidden. They can be sources of deep happiness, enlightenment, and inspiration, or frustration, depression, stress and dissatisfaction. Everything depends on our way of experiencing them.

Probably you could notice that every day we experience the same things in a different way. But for pleasantness we need steadfastness and stability. We need to learn about these details as they are, not as we want them to be! What needs to be there so that we will really experience or use those details for our inner engineering or simply said, happiness?!

Whatever we want to achieve, some practice is needed, some discipline.

It needs some time. Add it to your daily routine!

We as pleasure seekers in our very core will consciously or unconsciously try to avoid any possibility of discomfort and try to arrange those same details to fit our feeling of pleasantness.

So to arrange all those details to give us betterment few steps are necessary!

Step 1. For a beginning, start with eating as much as possible pleasant vegetarian food fitting to our momentary body needs.

Step 2. Separate at least 10 minutes per day for meditation, you can set alarm 10 minutes before usual waking.

*For beginners in meditation, you just need to sit comfortable, breathe deeply and relaxed, pay attention to anything within and without with more neutral spirit. Create clear thoughts about something what could represent deep emotional problem in you or your beloved ones.

Step 3. Make vows:

- A day without complaining.

- A day off fully paying attention to the needs of others.

- A day of less speaking, more listening.

- A day of using more noble words or behavior.

- A day without lies, laziness or superficial talks.

- A day without forming yourself as you think it's expected from society.

In this way we can open the world of miracles, and a guide within our heart will activate with enlivening moves. Things will gradually start to move as suits to the genuine emotions in the heart.

Thank you. Try it and share with others. Meet more of your heart in real - time world, more of your beloved ones. You deserve it and so do others.

With love, Ojasvi Kirtan

Om Tat Sat

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