❄ Happy New Year! Happy New Decade ❄ Celebrate 2020 with some Vocal and Self-improvement Sessions!

Hello dear friends, Hare Krishna and deep greetings to all of you!

Happy New Year, Happy 2020 to you and your loved ones! May you discover your goals and collect required strengths to reach them and to offer them wholeheartedly to the Lord!

New Year just came but already we can feel the breeze of fresh opportunities coming to our doorstep knocking and kindly informing us about new ways of developing our potentials, which we will be able to offer to humanity and to the Lord Sri Krishna. How was for you 2019, dear friend? And what are your plans for New 2020 Year? So many questions, such a big field for meditation and growth. In our blog we shared for the first time our annual review in humble attempt to contribute with our insights in worldwide wave of developing spirituality and conscious living. And we hope you can share with the world yours too! Each of us is gifted by the Lord with a very unique talent, and its our believe that by developing it and sharing it with others, we can increase social and personal awareness.

We would like to inform you that our Vocal and Self-improvement Courses will start in approximately in 3 days!

With this opportunity, we desire to invite you to join us and together we can dive into a deeper understanding of our own voices, abilities, capabilities, potentials, and devotion!

We will have two sets of courses:

1. The basic one, for those who just started to touch the area of singing.

2. The intermediate one, where we will have the continuation of previously completed basic ones.

We can offer you a free starting session of 30 min during which we will:

find our voice and make long lasting connection with it

- learn about nature of the sound

speak about the nature of listening

- learn about body and mind as a perfect tools for self-determination

position ourselves in space and time 

- learn to become creators of our own vibrations

By attaining this open webinar you will get the opportunity to know us better, feel that homely atmosphere in which we share with participants our knowledge and skills, and even get inspired to stay with us for the next lessons! ♫♫♫

So, whoever thought to come in contact with their voice as a divine tool, to use it, develop it, make a transformation with it, here is a place for you. Just submit the registration form in the Events section on our website and see you soon!

And if you have the problem with expressing yourself, you feel shy, blocked and don't know from where to start to make a breakthrough into a higher manifestation of your own potentials we humbly invite you to join us and together we will do it!

Through these courses, you will get methodology which you will be able to use in any conditions and make your own investment into your completeness, balance and inner satisfaction!

One Vedic mantra says:

Vidya dadaati vinayam Vinayaad yaati paatrataam

Paatratvaat dhanam aapnoti Dhaanat dharmam tatah sukham;

Knowledge gives discipline, from discipline comes worthiness, from worthiness one gets the wealth, with wealth one does good deeds, and from that comes joy! Join Us Now

Thank you!

With love, Ojasvi Kirtan 

Om Tat Sat


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