Hey there, it's been 8 months!

Dear friends, we are back in our blog!

In this blog post, we would like to share with you where have we been all this time and where our interests are directed now. We can't believe that time flies so fast! But from now on we will regularly meet you here and share some trilling thoughts and plans. Let's say once a week? It's settled then!

Although seemingly the period in which we are could be challenging and overwhelming many very #positive influences could change everything into something that we were waiting for long. We are experiencing the same shifts. We are more aware of what we can do better to contribute to the #awakening of awareness directed to the unveiling of the beauty of life which can be opened through this wonderful wisdom available by the mercy of His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada!

We were participating in many Kirtan events, concerts, yoga events all over the globe but as you know somewhere in March when the worldwide pandemic situation started, we were forced to stay at home and work with full energy on our given duties and skills #online. We truly discovered the potency of the daily practice of God-given skills and even created the Vocal Course and many other multimedia contents.

Today all our efforts are directed toward assisting others to discover and to work on their skills which are a great weapon for uplifting ones existence. By the grace of chanting of the holy names in all of this, consequently, the higher #consciousness (in many parts of the planet) will be manifested and guide us through the “head of the needle” to the other side of existence, where the more conscious style of life will affect us in wonderful ways.

We would like to thank you for the bottom of our hearts for participating in the worldwide #transformation where more sublime dimension and awareness are coming! Awareness about ourselves, others, and the world. We are also honored to pass together with you this little narrow passage where those who desire to be genuine personalities and to be loving and happy need to endure some difficulties and learn to use them to grow.

Yes, the difficulties were always present but here we all have the opportunity to experience the presence of the Lord, and His loving nature spreaded within the world. This period is challenging for everyone and that is very obvious.

Mostly we were suffering due to our self-centered mentality, and here we are facing the shift of exactly that kind of patterns and beliefs which are fear-based, and they are transforming into something which represents exactly what we are. Can you sense this within your life too?

Now it's time to support each other, to understand our higher self and from the angle of experiencing our true values and #worthiness, our talents, gifts, or treasures work on them with full attention and share them with our beloved ones and the close ones!

It's time to turn to the choices of love and spread the virus of giving! Yes, all around the globe we experience the shutting down of mosques, churches, temples, even the huge ones! Many predicting some negative influences, and attacks from high elite people, like rich people, government, etc., who out of having money, lots of time, and uncontrolled mind shape the world around them in strange ways, but don’t be fooled with this, they are not the ultimate controllers and they play the role in the bigger picture where higher #noble authorities planning something much higher than we can imagine!

It’s an exciting time where we all have the opportunity to start with the gradual conscious transformation from the old self which was wallowing in old conceptions with a lot of possible violence toward ourselves, others, and nature. Like Lord Sri Krishna says in “Bhagavat Gita”:

"By the regular practice of yoga, we can lower the sufferings of life to the minimum. The presence achieved by the practice of #yoga is allowing us to make the best choices, to be able to do what we need to do when we need to do it. We reach the stability of our goodness, detachment, and awareness.

in Shrimad Bhagavatam He says that by making the plans with determinations we remove selfishness, by speaking about the truth we remove fear, by good behavior and freedom from enviousness, we remove sufferings from other living beings!

So, in this article, we desired to share with all of you some of these things related to the period in which we all are! Please stay safe and join us in our blog and share your good deeds with us on other social media. Tell us what is your plan, how you are planning to participate in this transformational period!? And of course we warmly invite you to join us in our vocal and meditation classes.

With Love, Ojasvi & Sudevi Vilasini

Om Tat Sat

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