Our 2019 Annual Review

Dear friends,

here we are going with you to some kind of collective sum up of 2019! It is such a pleasure to get an opportunity to share some of the insights, movements and actions with all of you, and thus learn more about each other.

In a year of 2019, we experienced many movements in the area of personal growth where we discovered multiple potentials on which we can work. None of those potentials were visible without repeated failures. Oh, many times we felt completely discouraged and then !BOOM!, new freshness was appearing like from nowhere and again we could see that we are not alone and that we are supported by Krishna. What was always enthralling us is that when Krishna gives you such an insight He also shows you: -“Hey, can't you see that stumbling stone on your path, please change this tiny thing within your vision and you will be able to live your life with Me”! You probably understand what we are talking about.

It's hard to remember all details which worked as a triggers in certain moments, but we can share with you some which opened during the writing. As the relationships are the essence of our lives, we need to bring them in natural rapport and harmony. In our life we desire to build things together and to grow together, otherwise the purpose of being together is not visible. So, constant flow of impressions could accumulate within the mind, and we could experience trouble when the experience is not in harmony with its object. Therefore, yes, we can say to you that as a husband and wife due to a natural presence of egocentricity and unawareness we had troubles where we were pressed to literally squeeze any possible dosage of tolerance. In the end you see that tolerance is not some hard thing when you need to accept and tolerate something which is not suitable for you. Rather, it’s a matter of understanding, which we described on the beginning of this post as a part of our personal wealth, and perceiving it in its true form through good will and good quality listening. Definitely it's not as easy as it can sound, but with the mercy of higher vision granted to anyone for paying attention to your ego and to your blind spots, it's possible! If you want to know how it is for us, just look at your life. All of us needs freshness within consciousness so to be able to go over limiting patterns of our minds.

We formed as you know the online vocal and self-improvement school in this year, which actually helped us a lot exactly in freeing the mind from limiting patterns, because slowly we understand that giving means getting and not just getting but supporting others in their own personal growth. There were many difficulties in realizing it due to a financial side, but still its rolling and advancing toward manifesting higher levels. It's beautiful to share a long experience of musical practice, especially where this noble wisdom of Krishna consciousness is included. As the year passed by, we visited different parts of the planet and expanded our wisdom of being a part of the magnificent movement of Lord Chaitanya, and singing Kirtan. It is intense sometimes and many challenges are there, but singing Kirtan is amazing, even if you sing it alone!

So, as a summary we can say that this year was filled with different challenges, forcing us to shape and organize ourselves on a higher level. We had a chance to develop more our sense of gratefulness and discover some of the blind spots which were preventing us to touch the dimension where we desire to reside!

The New Year 2020 is coming and we all can summarize our efforts, our failures and achievements and offer them to the Lord Krishna, feel appreciative and humbly pray for new discoveries, abilities and better service. We can make some conscious short and long-term goals which can help us to reunite with our completeness which is expressed as happiness which is not limited by external conditions. From the bottom of our hearts, we wish you wonderful upcoming New Year, truly positive summing-up of still existing one and humble but determined future goals for personal improvement!

With love, Ojasvi Kirtan

Om Tat Sat


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