Our first music video: how it was!

Some time after finishing our album "Simply Wonderful" back then in autumn of 2017, we got a wonderful idea, to create the video for one of our songs. Of course that was the biggest challenge, because we had no clue what to do, where to go, where to start. It was natural and instantaneous inspiration where all things needed for realization started to appear, gradually details gathered, shaped clear idea and everything finally came to a place. Yes, everybody knows that nothing is given for nothing. Sometimes you need to invest a huge effort and sometimes a little less so that things can work at their best in that moment. Support came from our dear friends and companions Natasha and Oleg Mironishiny, and during our visit to Ukraine finally all preparations came into place. Make-up artists and hairdressers prepared us and we spent two days inside of the world of video producing.

It was a great time and experience doing it and we learned a lot about many things like knowing more how to move, how to speak, observe yourself, to acknowledge that how I imagine myself is not how others are experiencing me, and all in all a lot about our possibilities, potentials and mistakes. But nothing came of it right away!.. First, they could not collect the necessary amount of footage, then the video manager couldn't find time for it. As a result, 2 long years passed, and all the raw footage just finished on our desktop. We invested our best in completing it, so it could finally rich all of you. We can truly say, that it was our first music video in all senses, ahaha!

Hoping to improve our service and offer a better experience to others, where the spiritual dimension can become more touchable, we plan to get more experiences, practice more whereby expanding our own potentials we hope to inspire others to expand their own potentials.

Please join us in ever blissful chanting of these marvelous songs and mantras!

With love, Ojasvi Kirtan

Om Tat Sat


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