Staying True to One's Heart

Hi there! Hare Krishna! (..& that is something that we will speak about next time...)

How were you these last 2 weeks? We hope everything is going well for you, and the recent change in horoscope signs positions didn't show up with the sudden difficulties on your doorstep! Whatever could happen in your life just try to stay as close as possible to your true self, and your heart. That is the safest position.

So today we wanted together with you to look closer on this topic of staying true to one's heart. What does it at all means? Is it so important and what does it give? What are the benefits?

Very often, maybe too often we are fighting the obstacle in the form of discouragement which is violating the hearts of all of us and removing potency, determination, and vision, the crucial emotions for genuine #worthiness, and the ability to live our potentials.

Discouragement is an emotion directly connected with the style of life we stick too, and the way of contemplating on things around us. Like if we have something we like to do and we practice it regularly, it brings us some results, by getting results we get faith and #enthusiasm to continue our practice what will bring us more results, and this circle will just repeat itself making our life fulfilling and bright. Sounds great, isn't it? But imagine now that you don't practice things you love! Yo don't get results, means no #faith will come out of it, means no feeling of worthiness, and the circle will bring a complete discouragement even if you are a very talented person.

As kirtan performers and singers, we experienced how simple but regular vocal practice can change our consciousness and improve different areas of our lives. First, it was just a few very basic exercises used, but the result we got was much higher than our expectations. And for us, it was important since #kirtan is a devotional expression performed by someone to connect with the Divine. You sing directly to the Lord and your singing must be not only filled with emotion but also be pleasant to listen.

A few years later people who knew us from before started to notice the change in our singing. People were impressed by such a sudden but wonderful change. Many started to share their amazement with us after live performances. And they wanted us to teach them too. But so far we were students in singing only, and at first, we weren't thinking about it seriously.

But after a couple of dozen such requests, we eventually created a small singing tutorial and lunched it at the end of 2019. But it wasn't so empowering at first. It was needed great improvement. And when the world faced a pandemic in Spring 2020, yes, we did get ruined from the first glance since all our income was only coming from traveling and performing mantra singing. But we also felt a lot inspired to share our knowledge with others because people got hurt and we saw they had nowhere to search for relief, and we also were hurt but we had Kirtan and our singing duty to overcome it.

Intrigued? See everything yourself

Yes and yes! It all brought up our 1,5-month transformation course to life! Our course is constructed to remove all possible obstacles so that we can learn to offer ourselves practically with the body, mind, emotions, and spirit. This is a good opportunity for everyone. With good singing strategy and practice, we will bring about the courage of your specific personality and develop the experience of our voice.

Authentic worthiness which we offer throughout our systematic course offers very sweet knowledge and discipline which turns into rediscovering the wealth naturally situated within every one of us. It's directed toward the sharing of our treasures or integrated gifts with others and brings the presence of the Lord, genuine happiness, and joy necessary for completing the sense of our existence.

And we invite you to join us in our singing courses and try it yourself. We offer to anyone who desires to discover that safe place within which if developed will eternally give you shelter and inner satisfaction. It will be our honor to serve you in this way.

Till next time! Thank you

Ojasvi das and Sudevi Vilasini devi dasi

Om Tat Sat

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