True wealth resides in our potential!

For happiness one thing is needed. To use our intelligence to “see”, to be present in a moment, like many times we heard.

Yes, like for most of us, especially in modern days, when there is financial distress its almost impossible to speak about beauty of life! Sometimes we need just money, simply that kind of energy so that we can relax and think more from other angles of life. But mostly when we get money, we start to worry about something else and again same story. Both are needed!

Money or wealth resides in our potentials. Potentials are recognizable in movements of our mind, intelligence and body. They need clear action. As cleaner action (more attentive) better results and on the end, results bring us to believe more in our potentials, and so on. All of them are interdependent and already present in life as it is! To “see” means to see how we are growing into better expansion of ourselves and everything was and it will participate actively in our growth! Achieving money, business, relaxation, meditation, relationships, absolutely all participate in miracle called life!

Why we should separate these two at all, achieving “our” kind of wealth and inner happiness!? Actually, life, all its parts and details are there to teach us exactly what is needed for our growth. Nothing is separated from each other, there is special purpose in everything what is happening, and beauty! We just need to learn that when someone shows us moon with finger, we see the moon and not the finger! There is a need for conscious effort, to say “strategic Intervention” and not automatic habits!

If we learn and manage to reduce energy from enjoying our so-called dramas and suffer ourselves and others, we would notice how solution for happiness is not in measuring our happiness with happiness of others, but to “see” beauty in what is happening right now in our irreplaceable life and really apply that attitude with full power. Then we will be able to notice big cause of unhappiness, fears, expectations, judging, prejudices and honestly share it with someone who is worthy of our sharing, if there is nobody with whom we can share, wait patiently and everything will soon come to its place.

There is a need to stop to fill hole inside with others and call that love!

by Ojasvi Kirtan ©

Om Tat Sat

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