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Whatever is our position, no matter what we are doing, where we are, or how good we are going, one unstoppable phenomenon is happening… we grow! We continuously desire to expand in a way which suits to our psychophysical and spiritual needs! We want to feel light, flowing and fulfilled, whether we are speaking of everyday details of life, relationships, etc. In one word we would love to be happy right here where we are and about who we are.

From long experiences of traveling, participating and leading different kinds of spiritual, inspirational music events and seminars, where people practically and actively participate in singing, listening, opening their minds and hearts acknowledging who they are, what their needs are and where to move, we see huge need in all of us to organize ourselves better and lead fulfilled life interweaved with love and understanding.

How to really be inspired by being clear from within the core of our being, and not just be enthused by some temporary impression about what we think we are, where we need to move or what to do?! In our blog we want to share with all of you our experiences, music, travels and events which we passed, or passing through, and now already for long study them, preparing, shaping, forming for different kinds of yours and our needs so that we ca grow, expand and make the best out of amazing lives we have.

Stay tuned, don’t let yourself down too much and prepare for your own growth which when in tune with your real position, is extremely light and fulfilling. Of course, as Buddha said “Calm sea never made an expert sailor”, so in the same way some things need to be harder so that they can move us from wrong lazy patterns which we built around us out of different reasons, traumas, etc. Misconceptions can use our unawareness and build automatic unconscious habits which pull us down, forcing our natural flow to take another way. Chain reaction of such patterns is there, and consequently we find ourselves in undesired atmospheres.

We are so glad to do this journey with you and set a course with clear and calm head and heart! Already many times we chose something without clarity, without heart and lost a lot.

Now is time to take life in hands and do our best!

With love, Ojasvi Kirtan ©

Om Tat Sat

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