What is Kirtan?

One of the greatest and to say, the most sublime recommended practices in Yoga is Kirtan - singing or chanting of sacred mantras, alone, together with few participants or with large amount of people!

Kirtan is musical expression of Yoga (as Union or Connection). Union usually brings rich and deep emotions of different kinds, especially love! True love which moves us from egocentric position where we want everything for our pleasure, even union! Union considers awareness where everyone participates and everyone is equally important in some specific way.

Music by itself already sacred and universal language which can connect everything! We are all very complexed living beings and nothing should be just process, especially music! But everything needs sometimes systematic approach, so music too, in order to manifest its full beauty and potential! Our body and mind need system too, so that they can provide us with transparency in order that our being can manifest its own treasures from within and participate in life with full joy as much as possible. Those who already participated in Kirtan sessions, most of them if not all experienced awakening of senses, mind, intelligence and emotions. Its like when you put salt in dish, taste of dish itself becomes recognizable and delicious. The same with life, there must be something what when you put it in, makes tasty altogether! Love is not cheap, so dear friends, prepare for the greatest adventure of all – awakening of Love!

For those who never came in contact with Kirtan, we will have some practical presentations of its practice and descriptions of specific techniques, ways of performance and meditations, etc.! Maybe even we will meet somewhere guided with our event schedule and perform together and discuss whatever is necessary.

We wish you genuine connection with yourself and connection with Divine source, the source of all that exist, the primeval intelligence!

With love, Ojasvi Kirtan ©

Om Tat Sat

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