When we desire to be happier more than the right.

Our level of humanity can be measured when we compromise between our vision and the vision of another person. If we pay attention even a bit, we will notice that the majority of us shares the same trouble. Most of us are functioning in a way, that we are able to see only HOW we want to see, and WHAT we want to see. Will we find a connecting spot? We all fighting the same battle of whose opinion will pervade. This is something where our huge attention is needed, because we all desire growth, harmony, stability, real friendships, real spouses and so on.

There are a few things which we can do with ourselves for our growth and for others too. It is to work on our true, genuine existence, when we desire to be happier more than the right! To be someone whose inside world and outside world are not different. "What is inside it is outside" - wise and successful people say. The sham and camouflaged truth rarely give any good results.

So, what to do to minimize patterns of protection when we use those heart closing emotions? There is no need to be scared of our inner world, everything is fine inside where thoughts are born.

To enable these features inside of us, a few suggestions by well-known Lord Krishna are recommended:

- Whatever is your place in this world, live it to the best of your ability, and with full emotion and power - yes, we need time to learn how to really appreciate our place, how not to measure ourselves by others.

- Avoid in the kindest way you are able, to do something what is wrong, to do something what is not allotted to you, what doesn't belong to you. Love and respect what you already have! Only for one of those things which we already have, we need a lifetime to experience them as they are, so let us not waste our time on superficial troubles and let us try to do our best! And definitely it will be enough, whatever we will do in this direction.

- Try to find and take instructions about life movements from authorized spiritual guide, who is pure in his intentions and has no hidden motives! We already have guide within, but it's hard to hear because of many fears, subjective opinions, etc. There are many instructions about inner engineering or "yoga" and we mentioned just few of the fundamental ones.

Thank you and we wish you a safe self-journey!

With love, Ojasvi Kirtan

Om Tat Sat


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